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33 Gigapixel Mazaika Photo Mosaic

201,948 different pictures; 450 rows and 450 columns

Image Size: 157,500 x 210,000 Pix; File Size: 90 GB

This is one of the largest photo mosaic ever made.

It contains 201,948 different images in 450 rows and 450 columns.

The mosaic was exported into 33 Gigapixel image file, 157,500 pixels width 210,000 pixels height, that in its turn, is one of the largest graphics files in the world.

It was saved into 90 Gb Photoshop PSB file and you may see it as a Zoomable image above.

The mosaic was made for Face Britain project running by The Prince's Foundation for Children and the Arts to celebrate HM The Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Video mosaic projected over Buckingham Palace achieved the Guinness World Records title for most artists working on the same art installation. See more about Face Britain Project and Event here.

This record photo mosaic was assembled with Mazaika software. While working on this project we had to add some new features to Mazaika and modify few existed ones. Mazaika Full Version that can be ordered from our site included all these new functions.


Now, it's true to say that

Mazaika is a tool for breaking world records!