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Scars of Dracula, online photo mosaic
	Search cells in mosaic.

Scars of Dracula Online photo mosaic. Interactive search cells by movie names.

See Zoom and Pan Photo Mosaic
	Barbarella from comics!

Barbarella from comics ©

BG_ASCII freeware Download Page

Download BG_ASCII v1.32:

For Windows only:

Requires Windows 95 or later


Additional downloads:

Poland Polish version. BG_ASCII with Polish language interface. Zip file (353 KB)
Courtesy to Artur Szymanski.

German   German ReadMe file (9 Kb) courtesy to Dennis Grass.

Chile Spain Spanish ReadMe file (7 Kb) courtesy to Carlos A. Hernandez L.

Denmark Italian ReadMe file (7 Kb) courtesy to Alexander Bonivento

Denmark Danish ReadMe file (7 Kb) courtesy to Tomas Petersen,