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Mazaika Photo Mosaic «Tribute To The Very Worst Album Covers» Facebook Public Group


Click anywhere on the mosaic to explore individual pictures.
Type text in the box above to search for names, comments or keywords.
To find all pictures submitted on a date - enter the date in format DD/MM/YYYY. E.g. 14/06/2018 to find all pictures submitted by June 14, 2018.
Click on picture preview at the right to view original Facebook page.
Click on a name below the preview to view all pictures submitted by that person.
«Web link to selected cell» above the preview contains a permanent link to mosaic positioned to the currently selected cell. E.g. you may send this link to friends.

This interactive Mazaika photo mosaic — 79 columns and 78 rows — assembled from 6,180 unique music album cover photos submitted by members of the Facebook public group «Tribute To The Very Worst Album Covers»

Interactive Mazaika mosaic: 73 columns x 73 rows    Lock zoom level

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