High Resolution Christmas card collage

High resolution Christmas card collage © Boris Glazer

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Photo Jumble collage details:

For this collage we scanned 150 Christmas card at 400 DPI resolution. Collage was created with our Photo Jumble software. 150 postcards layers with shadow effect were rendered into this huge 10 000 x 10 000 pixels collage.

Zoom into collage to see smallest postcard details.


Do you want these card?! We are always glad to help!

Want to use these cards for your printing design?
We are always glad to help! Our postcard collection is one of the largest avilable Soviet New Year Card collection. Our card were used for publication in some books, magazines and web-sites. If you want to use some of these cards in your works such as calendars, posters, magazine articles or covers and so on, please contact us. We will be glad to help!

Mazaika.com Soviet New Year Card collection
was included in The Collectors Weekly Hall of Fame.