Movie Assembler application

After the export from the Mazaika-Video will be completed - you'll get a folder with .mzframes name extension full of frames with number suffixes. To convert these separate frames into "normal" movie file you may use your favourite movie editor or you may use Movie

Movie Assembler application

Drop frames into the table at the left-hand side of the main program window.

You may drop single files or you may drop a whole .mzframes folder.

If you want to add the .mzframes folder - please simple drop it's icon into the table.

Movie Assembler can accept .mzframes and .mzvclp folders as well as a separate JPG images.

If you want to add any other folder (other than .mzframes) please open it, select all contained files and drop them into the table. (I.e. the program does not accept any folders except .mzframes)

All added files are added to already existed files. In other words, the files that you have dropped placed after files that already were in the table.

You may see a preview of the images at the right.

You may reorder selected range of files with Reorder selected button.

This function is handy when you want to make a simple "forward-backward" loop.

Press Make Movie button to convert your frames into movie clip.

After the conversion will be complete you get two video files.

Movie Assembler output files

One file with the name that you have selected is a video compressed with h.264 codec. It has a small size and can be used for online display.

The other file has the name with "Photo-JPEG" suffix. This movie uses uncompressed Photo-JPEG video codec. It can be quite large and you may use it for following movie edits.


Movie Assembler internally uses FFMPEG Software, distributed under GPL 2.0. Please see for details.