Mazaika-Video uses a special video format .mzvclp. It is a set of separate jpg files in one folder with subfolders. Mzvclp file structure allows a very fast access to movie frames and results in a quite fast mosaic generation.

Movie Assembler application

Use MZVClp Converter application to prepare your video. This program uses FFMpeg open source library and can handle almost any kind of video formats.

It is very simple to use MZVClp Converter application.

1 - Run MZVClp

2 - Drop your movie clips into the table at the left hand side of the program window.

3 - Press Convert button and select output folder.

Movie Assembler application

After a few seconds the program generates files with numerical prefix in name and .mzvclp extension.

Usually when you drop the video files into MZVClp Converter window you may see video preview at the right-hand panel. However there can be situations when there will be no video preview. It happens when your video file format is not natively supported by OS X system, like .mkv files. In most cases this files will be successfully converted into MZVClp anyway because the program uses very advanced and system independent FFMpeg library that can handle almost any existed video formats


MZVClp Converter internally uses FFMPEG Software, distributed under GPL 2.0. Please see for details.