MZVClp Viewer application is a small handy utility that may easy open .mzvclp files for preview.

MZVClp Viewer application.

In most cases as soon as you copied MZVClp Viewer application into your applications folder, the program becomes a default application for this type of files. When you double click on .mzvclp file you'll get it opened in MZVClp Viewer.

MZVClp Viewer application.

If this not happens, please configure the OS X to open .mzvclp with MZVClp Viewer. Please see these pages for detailed instructions:

You may open .mzvclp by dropping it into MZVClp or using it's File - Open menu.

Beside of .mzvclp the MZVClp Viewer application can be used for viewing .mzframes folders.

.mzframes folders can be opened by dropping them into MZVClp or by using it's File - Open menu.