You may easy preview every single cell clip in the mosaic by Right-Click on it. Please use Ctrl-Click if you have one-button mouse. This activates a Main image popup menu. The top menu item brings up this screen with opened movie clip positioned at used frame.

Tile preview and edit

Top slider allows you to navigate within all duration of the clip.

Bottom slider helps you to fine-tune time position. It moves clip time by one second time back or forth. (If you press Shift key while moving the slider it moves clip time by ten seconds)

Also you may use a set of buttons to jump by pre-defined time intervals.

Use these sliders and buttons to manually edit video time position.

Restore - reverts all changes, that is it moves clip time to previous position and, if you loaded a new clip, re-opens previously used clip at previously used tile position.

Load Movie - you can manually load new video clip. You can select .mzvclp files or .mzframes folders.

Apply - use this button to accept new key frame after you have shifted clip time or accept newly loaded clip.

Reveal Movie in Finder - this helps you to find the used clip on your computer.

Important Tip:

Jump buttons allow you to set the frame pointer outside the clip bounds. This was done to avoid the program errors if your clips are shorter than mosaic duration. Mazaika-Video loops video in back-and-forth way. This means that when the movie played to the end it starts to play reverse to the beginning. If you'll place the pointer before clip beginning the program starts to play the move backward toward the movie beginning. This is essential in context of Video Offset property. Please click here for more explanations about Video Offset

For example if you have 10 second clip and want to use it for 20 second mosaic.

If you set Video Offset to -10 the first half of the mosaic will play the clip backward and starts a normal playback at 10th second.

If you set Video Offset to 0 the first half of the mosaic will be normal but it starts in reverse direction after 10th second.

If you set Video Offset to -5 the first five second it will play the clip backward, starts a normal playback at 5th second and reverse it direction back again at 15th second.

With this looping behaviour you have a room for manoeuvre to adjust Video Offset with regard of video mosaic content. Probably it will be not good to display move in reverse when you zoomed into cells and show them in large size. But it will be quite appropriate when you show whole grid full of hundreds small video cells.