Step-by-step: How to Create mosaic


Step-by-step: Open library menu.
1 - Menu - File - Open Library...(If the Library is already open - you may omit this step).


Step-by-step: Open source menu.
2 - Menu - File - Open source image....


Step-by-step: Open source button.
3 - Press Open Source button, find an image you want to mosaic and open it.


Step-by-step: Source setup panel.
4 - Set Columns and Rows number you want. You'll see area that would be converted to mosaic. You may modify/resize this area using mouse or using arrow keyboard keys. To expand mosaic area to maximum press Max button.


Step-by-step: Source setup panel.

5 - Press Apply button.


Step-by-step: Source setup panel.

Step-by-step: Source setup panel.
6 - When you will see your image in the main program screen press Render button or select from Menu - Mosaic - Render Mosaic


7 - Wait while image will be mosaiced. When finish you may select from Menu - File - Save - project to save rendered Mazaika-Video project.


Now you're ready to Export Mosaic into image file. (See Next Step).