Video Offset for Exporting Queue:

The program exports a series of frames that can be assembled into movie file later.

The output movie consists of either one or several Clip Sequences.

A Clip Sequence is a combination of starting and ending positions and the transitions between them. In other words, one clip sequence is a combination of two video mosaics and one zoom between them.

Export Queue may contain one or more Clip Sequences:

Usually you need to synchronize Video Offset values for separate Clip Sequences.

Let's suppose that you want a simple two step video mosaic that starts from one zoomed in cell, then zooms out to show a whole mosaic, then finally zooms in again to one cell. Let's say you first want a zoom in for 6 seconds and then a zoom out for another 6 seconds. Let's also say you want the mosaic in the "zoomed out" moment to look good so it must be drawn from Base Frames in the middle. This moment occurs at the 6th second.

In order to do this, you need to set the Video Offset to -6 for the first six second sequence. At the end of the first sequence, your video will be positioned to 0 (zero). In order to have a smooth movement within clips, for the second sequence you need to set the Video Offset to the same value as it is at the end of first segment. This is why you need to set it to 0.