This wizard helps you to assemble video mosaic that can be run in loop.

It start from close up cell of mosaic, zooms out to show whole mosaic image and finally zooms in into mosaic cell close up again. The timeline movement of the clip in the second cell ends at the same very moment as it started at first cell. This means that you may add several this clips in line for one seamless prolonged movie.

Select Infinity Loop Wizard... from Mosaic menu.

Infinity Loop Wizard - Menu


Step 1: Select start and end cells

Infinity Loop Wizard - Page 1

Four buttons allow you to select top - bottom or left - right corner cells of mosaic for start and finish cells. If you selected some mosaic region before evoking the wizard these buttons will help you to select corners of the selection.

Alternatively you may use Row and Column pop ups for selecting cells.

Start cell is at the left-hand part of screen with green outline. End cell is at the right-hand and have red outline. On the picture at the middle you may see full music preview with green and red rectangles for selected cells.

Please note: You must select different cells for Start and End. You can not select the same one cell for both.


Step 2: Select clip for zoom selection

Infinity Loop Wizard - Page 2

To make this effect we need one movie clip to show at enlarged cell.

You may select movie from starting or ending cell or you may select any other clip of you choice. Please note that if you want to select clip that is not belongs to mosaic yet, it is better to use the clip with same height/width ratio as the mosaic cells. Otherwise clip will be automatically stretched to fit.


Step 3: Select time position for start

Infinity Loop Wizard - Page 3

As soon as you have selected the clip for close ups you have a chance to adjust the moment of movie start. Note that the mosaic ends at the very same moment of clip timeline as it was started.

For example, if your clip have six frames: 1-2-3-4-5-6 if you select frame #4 for start, the final video-mosaic will display your clip this way: 4-5-6 ... 1-2-3.

It ends at frame #3 and starts again at frame #4. If you add a new copy of the same clip into video timeline they will be linked seamlessly.


Step 4: Select duration for loop parts

Infinity Loop Wizard - Page 4

Here you may select how long you want to show cells close ups, whole mosaic, and transition between them.


Step 5: Select colour corrections for loop parts

Infinity Loop Wizard - Page 5

Here you may set up some cheating for your video-mosaic.

Usually it is better to select no correction for beginning and ending scenes and some correction for "zoomed out" view. This gives you clean uncorrected cells when only few cells are at the screen. As far as you zooming out correction level will be gradually increased that give you better overall mosaic view.

When you look on enlarged cells at the beginning and the end of the mosaic video you see them clear and uncorrected.

When you look on the whole mosaic it's single cells looks smaller and it's correction will be not so apparent.


Step 6: Everything is ready for export loop frames

Infinity Loop Wizard - Page 6

When you press Finish the program will replace clips in two selected cells with the clip positioned for seamless looping. If you want you may save back up copy of the opened project before clips are replaced. To do so please check Back up project before modification option.

After this wizard panel will be finished it will brings up Output mosaic setup screen.

Press Process whole queue there to export movie frames.