Select from menu File — Batch Mosaic Job. This option is active when you have open library. That is you had to create and open library before you will be able to make mosaic.

With Batch mosaic job option you can convert all listed images into mosaics and save these mosaic images into output folder of your choice.


Image Files for Batch Processing

In the Batch Mosaic Job window, the lower left panel displays the images you intend to convert to mosaics, saving them to the output folder.

To populate the list, simply drag-and-drop files from Finder. Alternatively, you may use the Add Images or Folders button.

You can add individual files or whole folders. When adding a folder, Mazaika will scan and add all image files from it. Only unique files will be added. This means that even if you select the same file or folder twice, it will only be added once.

Note: It is recommended that you resize all your source images to the same size before batch processing.

To remove selected files from the list, highlight the files you wish to remove and press the Remove button. Note, rather than selecting individual files, you can hold down the command key and select multiple files or hold down shift and select a range of files.

To clear the list, press the Remove All button.

Note: When you select a file in the list, you will see a preview of the mosaic area as a small thumbnail at the righthand side of the window.

Folder to save mosaic images

Mosaics will be saved as JPEG files with the same names as their original names.

Note: If the file with a given name already exists in the output folder, it will be saved with an additional numbered suffix, i.e. mosaic-001.jpg, mosaic-002.jpg, etc.

Press the Select Path to select an appropriate output folder.

X Tiles (Columns) and Y Tiles (Rows)

You may adjust the number of rows and columns in your mosaics by setting X and Y Tiles values.

Note: The area that will be turned into a mosaic depends on the number of rows and columns that you have set and from the tile library aspect ratio that was used for library creation. The mosaic area will be cropped from the centre of input image. When you select file in this list box, you'll see preview of mosaic area as a small thumb at the right side of this screen.

Color Enhancing

This allows you to correct the colors of your mosaic output using a percentage of blending and color correction.

Saving to File

Use Mosaic Width (pixels) to specify how wide the image should be, measured in pixels.

Select Add Grid Lines to enable the addition of a thin (one pixel) black line between mosaic cells.

Mosaic All Images

Once all the preferences have been set, press the Mosaic All Images button to start the batch rendering process.

Note: You may stop the batch process by pressing the Stop button at any time during the rendering process.