Select from Menu Mosaic - Custom Mosaic Tiles.

Statistic Screen.

When a mosaic is complete, you have the option to replace some tiles with custom images. These images don't need to be in your tile library; they are selected and applied as individually saved images from somewhere on your computer. You might insert custom images as a sort of personal signature, or as a hidden picture riddle (as in a Where's Waldo? puzzle book). Or you might need to make sure that a particularly well-liked image is not passed over as a tile; for example that Uncle Ernie appears somewhere in your final mosaic.

You may place these tiles in a position of your choosing, or you may place them in one of the most suitable (by shape and color) positions as calculated by Mazaika.

Drag and drop picture file from Finder app to image panel at the right. You may use Load Custom Image button as well. The image will preview with a crop indicator around the picture to mark the area of the picture that will be used as a tile. You may resize and drag this border before inserting this custom tile into your mosaic.

To place the custom picture in a specified position:
Click on the tile in the main window where you want to place the custom tile. You'll see the location's description as a Replace Tile button caption. To apply the tile press the Replace Tile button.

To place picture in the best position:
After the custom image was loaded, or cropping frame was changed Mazaika calculates and display a list of most suitable positions for the tile.
A grid on the the left of the screen indicate the row, column, and priority chosen as the best position. To preview a tile in position, simple select a row in the grid.
To apply the tile please press Replace Tile button or double click on the row with tile position that your prefer.

Note 1:
If you select a part of the mosaic at the main program screen, the program will calculates best positions only for selected cells. For example, if you select only 5 x 5 square in the middle of mosaic, all your candidate positions will be inside this 5 x 5 selection.

Note 2:
Please remember that you have Invert Selection checkbox at the main screen. If you enable Invert Selection checkbox and select 5 x 5 square in the middle of mosaic, all your candidate positions will be OUTSIDE the selection.

Load Custom Image - Use this button to open an image.

Clear Image - This button will clear image preview box.

Auto Move to Best Position - If you activate this option, Mazaika will automatically display tile preview in most suitable position on the main program screen. For example, as soon as you resize the cropper border your image "jumps" into best position.

Replace Tile - Press this button to replace cell in the mosaic in named postion. Show Best Positions - Set a count of a candidate positions to show in the grid.

Close - Press this button to close Manual tiles screen.