Supported picture image formats to save mosaic:

*.JPG - Compressed image file format. Recommended for not very large mosaics.

In full registered version you also may save mosaic as:

*.TIF - Recommended loss-less image format for large images. When you are saving as mosaic into TIF file format you get a panel with check boxes for special options on the bottom of system "Save as" dialogue.

*.PSB - Photoshop Large Document Format, a special Adobe Photoshop file format for very large images (Larger than 30,000 pixels on a longest side). You need Adobe Photoshop CS2 (or later) to be able to open it.

Zoomable Image - This is a perfect option for display large images on computer screen. Exported zoomable image can be viewed with any modern browser. It can be viewed both on local computers and by network. You may upload this image on your site to display your artwork online. Zoomable Image has no limit for image size. Note: Zoomable image is for on-screen display only. You can not print it with high resolution. Please see Zoomable Image for more details.

HTML Table - Mosaic saved as simple clickable html table. Thumbs and large images that was used as a tiles are copied to different subfolders: tmb subfolder contains cropped and colour corrected tiles that forms mosaic. Original photos are copied into big subfolder.

Image List - Text list of image file names and their coordinates. Filenames and corresponded row and column numbers are saved into comma delimited text file. It can be useful as a map for making a mosaic from real objects, for making custom search functions for Interactive Mosaics or for designing animated mosaic videos with Mazaika-Animation.