Batch mosaic

Batch mosaic

With Batch mosaic option you can convert all *.jpg files from input folder to mosaics in output folder.

Choose  Menu - Mosaic - Batch mosaic

Press the button near Input source files directory edit box to select input source files directory.

Press the button near Output mosaic files directory edit box to select output files directory.

Every *.jpg file in input folder will be converted to a mosaic and saved to the output folder with the same name.

Note 1  Only  *.jpg  files are supported in this mode.
Note 2  You must select different directories for input and output.

In the list box at the left you'll see all file names from input folder.

When you select file in this list box, you'll see it as a thumb at the right side of this screen.

You may adjust number of cells in your mosaics by setting  X / Y value.

Note This screen and whole Batch Mosaic procedure are a different from all other "open pictures" dialogues in the Mazaika.
Your source images are stretching itself to fit into mosaic grid. It is recommended to resize all your source images to the same size before batch process.

Press Mosaic all button to start render process.

You may stop this process by pressing  Stop  button.

Note 1.  All pictures would be divided into same number of horizontal/vertical cells.
Note 2.  All pictures would be rendered with same settings and render mode. You should set them before the start of batch work.

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