Layer Inspector Screen

This Popup window can be activated from View - Show Layer Inspector menu.

Layer Inspector Screen: Background Layer Inspector Screen: Layer

There are two modes of this window: Layer and Background Inspector.

Inspector: Background
It is active when you clicked on the background in the main program window and when no one layer is not selected.
Here you may see background dimensions in pixels, inches or cm. You may change background size in inches or cm. You can not change background size in pixels.

Show Layers - check box allows you to see background with layers.

Inspector: Layer
It is active when you clicked on any layer in the main program window and display a currently selected layer.
Here you may see and change layer position (X,Y) and dimensions (width, height) in any measurement units (pixels, inches, cm).
Layer position can be counted regarding layer's corners, sides or center. Please use appropriate radio button on the left.

Keep Fixed Aspect - When this is checked, program will keeps layer aspect ration the same when you are changing layer width or height.

Angle - you may rotate layer by entering rotation angle here. Also you may rotate layers with your mouse. Please simply drag layer's corner handles.

Tile Score - this is a arbitrary measurement of layer similarity. Less score, more similar picture is in the layer. The Score can be counted only for pictures added with "Mazaika" procedure. Images placed manually or by "Collage" procedure have zero sore, which means they are perfect similar. This Score count can be used for layer sorting and layer or pictures removing.

In the same line where you see The Sore you can see Layer Number (#). Layer #1 is a bottom layer, placed right on the background. Layer #2 is one level above Layer #1. If they are overlapped, Layer #2 is on the top of Layer #1 and may hide it. Layer Number can be used for layer sorting and layer or pictures removing.
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