Output picture formats

Photo Jumble has a great variety of exporting options. By pressing Save type button at Export Picture to File you may select one of these variants:

File format menu

Some particular file formats may have additional options. 

Export picture to jpeg type

*.JPG - Loss of compressed image file format. You may select Jpeg quality. Bigger quality number means low compression and larger file size. Please note that Jpg file format is limited by 30,000 x 30,000 pixels. This is internal file format limit.

Export picture to tiff type

*.TIF - Recommended loss-less image format for large images, up to 30,000 x 30,000 pixels. Again it is a limits of Tiff file format itself.

*.PSB - Photoshop Large Document Format, a special Adobe Photoshop file format for very large images. You need Adobe Photoshop CS2 (or later) to be able to open it.

PSB file format is the only file format that supports images larger than 30,000 pixels over longer side.
PSB files can be up to 300,000 x 300,000 pixels.

*.BMP - Loss-less image format. up to 30,000 x 30,000 pixels.

Zoomable HTML Image - Generate a huge interactive zoom and pan mosaics to view online or offline. There are some special versions of Mazaika that allows you few different variants of this pages with different design and functionality. See details here.

Two last options are not exactly "picture" but information about the picture:

Save image statistic to plain text file

This saves a text file with a list of images used in mosaic and description of their usage:


This example shows that picture named leaf_0003.png located at C:\Pictures\leaf_0003.png was used one time.

Layer with this image has number 1, it's located at position with Left:790.98 pixels and Top:490.72, Width of the layer is 311.63 Height of the layer is 311.63. It was rotated by -300.00 degrees

Picture leaf_0006.png was used 5 times. It was used for first time at layer with coordinates "613.36","1822.87","311.63","311.63","-30.00". It's 5th occurence in layer located at "2490.58","2000.49","311.63","311.63","-240.00"

Picture leaf_0008.png was used 2 times.

Save filenames to plain text file

It exports a plain list of layers, their coordinates and file names of embedded images. Unlike the list generated by "Statistic" procedure, this one is plain list. It is not grouped by image file name.

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