Planet of Light Animated Mosaic

e-Luminate Cambridge Festival 2014

After our previous highly successful work on Face Britain Project with Ross Ashton's Projection Studio, Ross asked to make animation mosaic sequence for his new project Planet of Light

Planet of Light projection was a part of e-Luminate Cambridge Festival 2014.

Planet of Light projection at e-Luminate Cambridge Festival 2014

Image coutesy by John "By Stargoose And Hanglands"

As was announced in the festival program:

A monumental projection onto the Senate House.
The piece will be created from artworks drawn by children from Cambridge's schools. These artworks will be uploaded to a central point and will be used as the basis for a new artwork. Each of the smaller artworks will become part of a rotating globe of the Earth.
The resulting planet, which will be constantly remade from the children's artworks, will float in the centre of the building surrounded by images also drawn from the children's works.


3D mosaic animation software

We made a special 3D animation software to visualise rotated sphere and flying layers. At the next step we combined all children drawings into mosaic of Earth globe. We use resulted mosaic as a texture for the sphere and original tile images were used for layers. There were about 3,000 separate layers images flying in space to build the Earth globe.

This 3D scene was rendered as a sequence of full HD video frames in PNG image file format with transparent background.

Video sequence created by was combined with animated background created by Ross's Projection Studio.

The resulted movie clip was projected onto the front of Senate House at Cambridge.

The whole installation was highly appreciated by public. It was a great success.

...marvellous Planet of Light installation which collates hundreds of local children drawings into a magical projection onto the front of Senate House, courtesy of the Projection Studio with Panasonic LED technology.


About 3D mosaic animation software

This program is a special software working together with Mazaika program. There is Mac OS X only software. (We don't have Windows version so far)

If you want to make your own animated mosaic or have some kind of project that may use this type of mosaics please contact us:

We will be happy to provide you the software and to give all necessary advices, assistance and support.