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Face Britain - Photo Mosaic
	Mazaika at Buckingham Palace.

Face Britain Photo Mosaic by at Buckingham Palace

2.5x3.7m (8'x12') @ 200dpi printed photo mosaic
	at a photo trade show in Sweden!
	© Christer Lindh, Magnus Fröderberg,

© Christer Lindh, Magnus Fröderberg,

TexToPix - Pictures made from text.


Map of the World.
It was made from countries list.

We're glad to present our new product for ASCII-Art type pictures:


TexToPix is software that can create image effects that can not be made with conventional image editors.

The main idea of TexToPix is quite simple. You create some text, (few phrases, words or even few characters), select an image that you would like to use and the program will generate an image that when viewed from a distance looks like a picture and when looked at the close - you can see every single character and read the text.

Unlike most of the existing ASCII-Art image programs, TexToPix uses a much more sophisticated approach. The main difference - you are not limited to fixed-width font faces. Your Text-To-Pictures can be made from any font installed on your system. You can create black and white, grayscale or color images.

The resulted image can be saved as a raster image file, as a vector-based PDF document, or Windows metafile (.wmf) that also is vector-based.

Zoom and Pan TexToPix Images

Customer Testimonial:

Every now and again you download an app. or software package that puts a smile on your face. TexToPix is one of those. It's a brilliant little piece of software. It's intuitive, easy to use and really delivers. I was taken with the free trial and paid for the download version within half an hour of seeing what it could do. I simply urge you to try it for yourself! ...Graeme, Ireland

Simple TexToPix Images Ideas:

TexToPix - Text-To-Pictures or Pictures that are talking by themselves. Below are very simple examples of text and picture combinations.

Simple basic test image. Black and white grayscale picture drawn with default Widows Times New Roman font. Girl's face was rendered with standard typographic dummy phrase Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet... You may read more about Lorem ipsum here.

Another black and white image. A negative image. And probably dull one... In many senses of these words. Our favorite negative hero consists entirely from his famous catchword All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. American Typewriter font was used.

Unlike an image above - this one is positive. And in color. This is a portrait of Charlie Chaplin and if you'll view a bigger image you will be able to read Chaplin's bio (quoted from Wikipedia).

It is a portrait with only one character: Q. Or a longer title for the picture: Desmond Llewelyn as Q. For this color image font Impact was used.

Color image. You may download this image in PDF format here.



Help and support

TexToPix includes context help system. It can be activated when the program is running. Alternatively, you may see it online.

View Mazaika Windows Help online - View online TexToPix Help for Windows

View Mazaika Mac Help online - View online TexToPix Help for Mac

As usual, if you have any questions, suggestions, commentaries please don't hesitate to contact us! We love feedback!


Download TexToPix Free 15 days Trial

For Windows:

Requires Windows XP SP3 or later

For Mac:

Requires macOS 10.6 or later


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