Advanced Controls

Advanced Control Tab

Interlines Space - spacing between lines.

Small Font, Big Font - difference between smaller and bigger fonts

Inversed Text Size - areas that are darker then Gray Level (please see Main Controls) will be filled with smaller size characters, lighter - with bigger size characters.

Inversed Text Color - toggle black letters on white paper and vice versa.

Colored Text - Text will be colored according the picture colors.

Color Background - Characters will be drawn on the color background.

Photo Background - Characters will be drawn over resized input photo (Please note that photo will be resized - and if you will export it with into large size output - you photo will be blur and pixilized.

Random - characters are drawn in random order. If Random is not enabled - characters are drawn from left to right and from top to the bottom. Please see pictures below.

Ordered characters (Left picture) v.s. Random characters (Right picture)

Ordered characters.  Random characters.

Use Bold Chars - big font characters will be printed with bold font.

Outline on Background - this is useful when you use some artistic fonts that mimics handwriting. like a "Script" font. Please see pictures below.

Normal outline (Left picture) v.s. Background outline (Right picture)

Normal outline.  Background outline.

Outline Width - Please set up Outline Width here.

Custom Page Colors - if you want replace standard black and white you may set up them here.

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