Main Controls

Main Controls Tab.

Mode Select Combobox - Use it to select a type of the picture you like to generate. From top to bottom:
B/W grayscale (normal background)
B/W grayscale inversed
Color (normal background)
Color (inversed background)
Colored background with visible/readable text
When you select from this combobox - program will selects appropriate settings for Advanced controls.

Font - select font type here. Font name and sample are displayed beside the button.

Line Length - select how many characters you like in the line. Please remember that as not every characters have equal width this value can be differ from actual characters number in the line(s).

Justify Combobox - There are three Justify opotions
Full Justify - words in lines are aligned to left and right borders
Center  Justify - words in lines are aligned to center of the page.
Even Distribute - Characters in lines are evenly spaced and aligned to left
and right borders. Please note that in this case program distributes *Characters*(not *Words* as in previous two cases)

Gray Level Slider and Textbox - they work like a "Gamma" level for the picture. Areas that are darker than "Gray Point" will be filled with bigger size characters, lighter - with smaller size characters.

Autolevels Checkbox - when checked it will improve image quality. White areas will be more white, dark areas - more dark. Despite the fact that this correction may affect real colors of the photo it can be very useful when you making grayscale text images.
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