Save Text Picture

Please select from Menu file - Save As...

You may save current Text Picture in .jpg, .bmp, .tif or .wmf file formats.

Jpeg Image (*.jpg) or Bitmap (*.bmp) are basic file types used for saving your image as raster image with not so much resolution. Maximum image width for this saving type is 2000 pixels. It is enough size for monitor screen display or standard A4 (Letter) paper size printing. For larger size please use tif or wmf file formats.

Big Tiff Image (*.tif) - If you select this option you start Export Big Image dialogue. Here you may to save your image as a raster picture of any size, size enough for very large format printing up to tens feet (few meters) width billboards.

Windows Metafile (*.wmf) - Windows Metafile is a vector based file format. An image in this format can be scaled up and down to any printed size without any quality loss.

Please note:
An image saved in vector based Windows Metafile file format don't included font information. If you made Text Picture using some unique font face installed on your system and want to print Text Picture Metafile from another system, where this font is not installed, your picture may looks not as intended.

There are few ways to fix this problem:

- Install your "unique font face" on the system you use for printing.

- Save (Export) your your Text Image as a Big Tiff Image with size big enough for printing.

- Print your Text Image to *.pdf file on your system and use other system to print resulting *.pdf file.

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