Text Fill Controls

Text Fill Controls Tab.

You can type new or edit existed text in the main text box. It supports all main keyboard shortcuts. Please use Ctrl-C for copy, Ctrl-X for cut and Ctrl-V for paste.

Revert button will reverts existed text to latest saved version.

Open Text button - Please use this button to open text file. Please note - only plain text files (*.txt) are supported.

Lorem ipsum button when pressed will fills editor box with standard typographic dummy text "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet..."

Random Text button can be useful when you want to generate your own random text fill. It will bring up the following window:

Random Text

Use Any Character button will makes 4000 random taken ASCII characters, something like that:

Use Characters from String button will generate a string of 4000 characters taken from "Use This Character" textbox, For example - if you enter 1234567890 in the textbox you will get something like that:

This long strings may help you to avoid unnecessary patterns that maybe visible if you use some short string as a text fill.
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