User's interface

The following is TexToPix's main window:

TexToPix Main Window.

On the left panel you see original image, on the right panel - an output image rendered with text.

You may select needed region of original image with selection border.

Below image panel there are display control buttons.

You may zoom in and out the output image with "+" and "-" buttons.
Use "1:1" button to display image in actual size.
"Fit" button will shrink image to display panel.
You may pan output image with mouse dragging.

By default program reacts to any settings changes automatically. As soon as you will correct any value program starts to generate and redraw new image.

If you like - you may disable Auto redraw by unchecked the option. In this case you need to press Redraw  button every time when you want to see changes.

Under display control buttons located controls that will help you to change text image appearance.
There are four groups of controls.

Main Controls
Text Fill Controls
Advanced Controls
Page Setup Controls

Main Controls are always below display control buttons.
Text Fill Controls are on the tab under original image panel.
Advanced Controls and Page Setup Controls are on the tabs under original image panel too, but if you expand the main screen tall enough, they will be visible on the right side under the Main Controls group.

Please see detailed descriptions of all controls in these help sections:  Main Controls  Text Fill Controls  Advanced Controls  Page Setup Controls.
TexToPix - (C) 2000-2013 by Boris A. Glazer.