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Cat - Image Mosaic Example

Mosaic details:

This is a high-resolution mosaic example.

It is 35 columns width and 29 rows height mosaic. Single tile size is 150 x 150 pixels.
The fauna theme stamps collection was used as a tile library. You may find the ready to use .mz2 library file at the download page.

Mazaika settings that were used:

There were 1,700+ different images used as a library for this mosaic.

Mazaika v2.3 was used to make this mosaic. Settings that were used:

  • Flips usage: Original images only
    Mazaika can use any tile as it is only.

  • Tile Repetitions: 4
    There are repeated tiles. Each tile was used only 4 times or less.

  • Tile Distance: 8
    The distance between the repeated tiles is 8 tiles or more.

  • Blend percent: 0
    There is no blending with the original image. Tile colors are the same as were in the original collection.

  • Mosaic Size: 35 x 29 tiles
    It takes only a few seconds to calculate mosaic on P4 - 2.8 GHz. (512 RAM) WinXP system. It takes few more seconds to save the mosaic as a 5,250 x 4,350 pixels TIF file. It is a 65 MB file and can be printed as an 18" x 15" poster at 300 dpi. or as a 36" x 30" poster at 150 dpi