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Mazaika-Video - Video Mosaic
	from your own clips

Mazaika-Video Make Video Mosaic from your own clips

Face Britain
	Mazaika at Buckingham Palace.

Face Britain Mosaic by at Buckingham Palace

2.5x3.7m (8'x12') @ 200dpi printed photo mosaic
	at a photo trade show in Sweden!
	© Christer Lindh, Magnus Fröderberg,

© Christer Lindh, Magnus Fröderberg,

© Steve Grillo,
	The Body of Christ at All Saints'

© Steve Grillo

Mazaika‑Animation - moving mosaics!

Mazaika-Animation is add-on software to Mazaika program. Animate your own mosaics and display awesome videos to impress your friends, colleagues, bosses, and shareholders!

Great idea both for personal events as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, reunions, and corporate presentations, exhibitions or trade shows! Astonish addition to TV commercials, online advertisements, and social posts!

Barbarella - Animated photo mosaic

This animation has three parts. First one is 20 seconds controlled fly-in that shows how Barbarella poster is assembled from flying comic books covers. The second part is a sequence of zoom-ins and zoom-outs to display enlarged Wonder Woman comics. In the third part is 30 seconds controlled fly-out where the mosaic is slowly falling apart.


UMSL Be Inspired 2017 Mosaic

Animated photo mosaic made to promote charitable giving for University of Missouri St Louis. Photos that were taken by the campus photographer were combined using Mazaika-Animation to create a visual representation of the mosaic metaphor. The event was well attended and the video was positively received by university stakeholders.


Scars of Dracula - Animated photo mosaic

It's a three section animation. At first controlled fly-in where several thousands of horror movie posters are assembled into Scars of Dracula mosaic picture. After that, there is a zoom-in and zoom-out section to show enlarged posters of different Dracula movies. (You'll see these posters large, sharp and crystal clear) And finally, the picture is exploded by the simple fly-out.

Simple Mazaika-Animation Example

This is a very basic animation. Simple fly-in and simple fly-out followed by controlled fly-in and controlled fly-out.


Custom made 3D Animated mosaic - Bride of Frankenstein


Custom made 3D Animated mosaic example


Custom made Planet of Light Animation

The same animation projected onto the Senate House at Cambridge as a part of e-Luminate Cambridge Festival 2014.



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Make your own amazing animated mosaics!