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See Zoom and Pan Photo Mosaic
	Barbarella from comics!

Barbarella from comics ©

Face Britain - Photo Mosaic
	Mazaika at Buckingham Palace.

Face Britain Photo Mosaic by at Buckingham Palace

Let a thousand flowers bloom.
	See Zoom and Pan mosaic.

Let a thousand flowers bloom!

Robbie Williams Mosaic
	and other photo mosaics made with Mazaika.

Robbie Williams © IE Music

Photo Jumble 
	Download the New Software 
	in Mazaika line.

Photo Jumble

Interactive Photographic Mosaics

These are interactive mosaics. Each cell in these mosaics can tell you a small story. In the most simple case if you click on the mosaic it just displays the row and column of the cell and the name of the used image. In more advanced artworks you may see much more information. There can be thumbnail previews, large original images can be expanded in full screen, there could be internet links for connected sites and so on. Also, these mosaics allow you to search through images by text or keywords.

Each example opens in a separate window.

Facebook mosaic - Tribute to the very worst album covers

Tribute to the very worst album covers is an interactive Mazaika photo mosaic — 79 columns and 78 rows — assembled from 6,180 unique music album cover photos submitted by members of the Facebook public group «Tribute To The Very Worst Album Covers».

Look at never seen before Lennon's album; nice LP from Smoking Tex Williams; girls trio very popular in the group; and their all-time favorite Svetlana's album!

See Wayne Cochran album cover, one that was used as a main picture of the mosaic and enjoy tons of other weird personages. (Click on a link in the previous sentence to open the mosaic page centered at the particular title.)

See online interactive photo mosaic with search functions and links to original Facebook posts.

Roy Lichtenstein painting made from comic and book covers

Girl with Hair Ribbon by Roy Lichtenstein: online interactive photo mosaic assembled from thousands of comic and pulp fiction book covers. This online photo mosaic has a search function. Enter a book title or part of it in the search text field above the mosaic and you get a scrollable band with found book thumbnails.

Search for Captain Marvel, Avengers, Crime And Punishment, Private Detective, Submariner, Tintin, Lone Ranger, Forbidden Worlds, Boris Karloff, and many, many more titles. (Click on links in the previous sentence to open the mosaic page with the already filled search field.)

See online interactive photo mosaic. picture mosaic

This mosaic was assembled with Mazaika program from users pictures. is an international community for sharing quality public domain images. Each mosaic cell is represented by a unique and uncorrected picture linked to user gallery at

Read how this mosaic was made. It will help you to learn how to make a big mosaic with unique tiles.

See online interactive photo mosaic.

Scars of Dracula - interactive photo mosaic

Scars of Dracula: online interactive photo mosaic composed from 5000 sci-fi fantasy and horror movie posters. This online photo mosaic has a search function. Enter a part of film title in the search text field and you get a list of movie titles with their posters positions in the photo mosaic. Click on the name and the mosaic image will be positioned to show the movie picture poster.

This example is an illustration of photo mosaic usage for interactive social media projects.

See online interactive photo mosaic. mosaic

This mosaic combines many perspectives to show our multifaceted awe for this spectacular landscape, its spirited wildlife, and unconquerable peoples. Alaskans, visitors and former residents contributed the 18,328 images for the mosaic in 2015. No picture was used twice. Each represents a unique point of view. Together, this is our shared vision of one Alaska.

Printed mosaic at the wall in Anchorage airport. Click to enlarge image.
Mosaic for Adam Graves tribute event at Madison Square Garden © New York Rangers and the National Hockey League.

Adam Graves tribute event created a mosaic wall for Adam Graves tribute event at Madison Square Garden. used Mazaika as the platform for the creation of this online mosaic project. New York Rangers fans submitted their favorite photos that were used for mosaic.

See more technical info...

Design company

Clinique Happy Moments campaign mosaic
© Highedge, Inc.

Clinique Happy Moments campaign made a mosaic for Clinique Happy Moments campaign. Site visitors have submitted more than 4000 pictures of their happy moments, that were used as library tiles to compose the mosaic.

Using image list files that were automatically generated with special command line version of Mazaika running on the server, created online javascript mosaic that allows to see, review and vote for individual photos. This campaign gets 1,477,297 page views.

See more technical info...

Clinique Happy Moments campaign was running by site