You may easy preview every single tile in the mosaic by Right-Click on it. Please use Ctrl-Click if you have one-button mouse. There is always an option Show file that brings up this screen with opened image.

Tile preview and edit

If program can't find the image, it will say "File not found" at the screen caption and shows stored thumbnail instead.

Embedded Image:

If the image that was used for the cell did not existed as a file, Mazaika keeps image data as an embedded image object inside the project file. This situation may happens if you use drag and drop image from some other application (e.g. an image from a web page opened in Safari or some some other web browser) directly into Mazaika, without saving it to a file previously. This image will be embedded into mosaic project.

If the embedded image is large, it will be rescaled to 450 pixels on a longest size. Usually this size is enough for average mosaic printing. If you think that you'll need a larger tiles for your output, please don't use embedded images. Please save the image into a file and use this image file for placing into the mosaic cell.

Edit Image Cropping:

You may change cropping area that is used for mosaic. Simply resize cropping box with mouse or use Arrows keys on your keyboard.

Press Arrow key to move active area one pixel e.g. press Left Arrow to move active area one pixel left. Press Ctrl+Arrow key to move active area 10 pixel e.g. press Ctrl+Left Arrow to move active area 10 pixel left. Press Shift+Arrow key to resize active area proportionally e.g. press Shift+Left Arrow to decrease active area, press Shift+Right Arrow to enlarge active area. Press Ctrl+Shift+Arrow key for faster resizing, 10 pixels per one button press.

Cancel - Close this window without saving.

Apply - Use this button to apply changes.

Restore - This will clears all changes and restore the cropping box to initial position.

Load Image - You may completely change the current image with some other image. Simply load a new image with this button.

Reveal Image in Finder - Use this button to quick find an original file. It will opens a new Finder window positioned at the folder where the file is stored and with the image file selected.