Picture made with Mazaika

        New features
        How to buy Mazaika

Making mosaic
        User's interface
                Main screen menu
                                Menu File
                                Menu Edit
                                Menu Mosaic
                                Menu View
                                Menu Help
                Main image popup menu
        Render modes
        Use All Pics - Rendering Option
        Flipped tiles
        Try to Use All Pics Option
                Express mosaic
                Wizard - Create new library
                Wizard - Create and render new project
                Wizard - Save mosaic project as image file
        Source image setup screen
                Source image setup menu
        Statistic screen
        Output mosaic setup screen
                Color correction
                File not found
                Output mosaic formats
                Zoomable Images
        New library screen
                Supported file types
        Manual tiles screen
                Library tiles
                Custom tiles
                Forced library
        Mosaic Mask Tool
        Preview tile screen
        Batch mosaic
        Library inspector
                Resample library
        Preferences screen
                General preferences
                Advanced preferences
        Registration screen

Frequently Asked Questions
        Getting Started: Sample workflow
        Step-by-step: Create new library
        Step-by-step: Create mosaic
        Step-by-step: Save mosaic
        How to select a good main image
        How much tile images do you need
        How to make a large image library
        How large of a mosaic do you need?
        What is the ideal size for Main image?
        What is the ideal size for Tile images?
        General advises
        Technical Support

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