New library screen

Select from  Menu - File - New library
or use this Quick Button
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New library screen

Library root folder(s) - This is a list of folders where your tiles images are. Program process folders that are checked. If you uncheck a folder, it will not be indexed. This is handy when you create a set of similar libraries made from some common and some specifics folders.

To populate the  Library root folder list you may simply drag a folder from Windows Explorer and drop it into the list. Otherwise you may use Add button.

Use these buttons to manage the list content:

Add - This opens Select folder dialogue to select a folder to add to the list.
Remove - This will remove a currently selected folder.
Remove All - This will clears the list.
Check All - This will place check boxes for all items at the list.
Uncheck All - This will clears all check boxes.

Refresh image count - It will counts a number of files of selected type(s) in selected folders. It is only for your information. When the program is indexing your collection it do not needed this number, so If you are going to build some extremely huge picture collection of several hundreds thousands pictures you may safely omit this step and save couple of minutes of working time.

Include subdirectories - Check this option if your files are in subfolders.

Library file name - Select a name for a new library.

Image file types - Choose one or more of the
image file types you want to use.

Color mode - (default YCC) Choose library Color mode. There are two available modes: YCC and RGB. Recommended mode is YCC.

Picture X/Y rate - Select proportions of library tiles here.

Crop - (default Center) If proportions of tiles you choose would be different from proportions of original image used as a tile only part of this image would be indexed. You may select what part of image: top, bottom, right, left or center would be taken.
Your original image would not be changed. There is no actual cropping of your original files. Cropped areas are only sampled and indexed into a Mazaika picture database. There are no modifications of your original images!

Stretch - Use this to stretch image to the needed proportions. Sometimes it is easier to spot cropped tiles than stretched ones. If Stretch is checked all tiles will be stretched to the Picture X/Y rate regardless of their original aspect ratio.

Margin % - (default 0) If there is white or black outer rim on your pictures, or if your pictures contain a large amount of space around the edges, you can crop it by increasing Margin %  to more than 0.

Scan images - Press Scan images button to create a new library.
When process would be completed new library would be open and ready to use for mosaic making.

Stop - Press this button to stop scanning process anytime.
Library file would be created and filled with as many tiles as was indexed on the moment of canceling.

Close - Press this button to Close this screen without library creation.


Advanced settings (Active only in fully registered version)

Sampling - (default 6x6) - When picture tiles are selected, the program must choose only The Best Tile. It could analyze a region as a matrix of Sampling size. This setting depends on the image tile count. General rule: more tiles in library - more Sampling size. Usually it is enough to use 6x6 sampling size for an average size library about 1,000 - 5,000 tile.

To make library with different sampling you may recreate it with this very screen or use Resampling option in the Library inspector screen.

Thumbs Width - (default 36)
Thumbs i.e. miniature copies of image tiles are stored in the library. They are used for preview of mosaic in the main screen and for creation of output mosaic with not very high resolution. Higher value for Thumbs Width will give you a clearer preview, but may decrease creation speed and increase resource consumption.

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