User's interface

The following is Mazaika's main window with opened project file:

Mazaika's main window
The status bar contains statistics about the file you are currently editing.

To access all features of the program use
Main menu

Mazaika main menu

The following Quick Buttons are intended to help you access the most common features of the program fast:

New library speed button  - Open Create a new library dialogue.

Open library speedbutton  - Opens existing library.

Open image speedbutton  - Opens source picture.

Render speedbutton  - Starts a render.

Erase speedbutton  - Erase rendered cells. I.e. remove images from mosaic cells.

Stop speedbutton  - Stops the render process.

Statistic speed button  - Opens Statistic screen.

Export speed button  - Opens Save mosaic to file window.

adio buttons under the mosaic preview are for toggling Source image, Mosaic image and Enhanced mosaic image.
View modes
Enhancing controls
When Enhance radio button is checked you may see color corrected mosaic preview. Use Color and Blend values to adjust your mosaic.

Distance control
 - Use Distance value to set a distance between the same tiles in the mosaic. If this value is 6 then every 7th tile in the mosaic (horizontal or vertical) could be the same. In other words - 6x6 mosaic matrix would consist of different tiles. If this value is 0 then program could repeat the same tile one by one.

Repeat control
 - Use Repeat value to set a number of occurrence of any given tile in the final mosaic. If this value is Auto (or 0) then program does not control the overall occurrence of tiles. If this value, for example, is 1 then any tile in the mosaic could be used only once. Please be careful with this control, if you do not have very many tiles in the library, it is recommended to set this value to Auto.

Lock cells
 - Check these check boxes to not overwrite the already rendered tiles.
When Lock auto is checked program will not overwrite any already rendered cells. Checked Lock custom will not allow the program to overwrite only manually inserted images, i.e. images that were placed into the mosaic with Manual render functions.
Inverted selection
 - You may render only the selected area of main image. If this check box is checked - only the NOT selected area would be rendered.
Use all pictures
 - When you have a big mosaic and a smaller library and want to be sure
that all library images will be included into mosaic  Use All Pics option
will do the work for you. Please see Use All Pics option topic.

Zoom controls are located at the lower right corner of the main window 
Zoom controls

Fast view  - Fast mosaic view.

Zoom out  - Zoom Out.

Zoom in  - Zoom In.

Actual size  - View with actual tile size.

Fit to view
  - Fit mosaic to view

Advanced settings (Active only in fully registered version)

This feature will allows you to find the best suited orientation for every tile. You may allow to use tiles as they are, use flipped horizontal or vertical tiles and tiles rotated by 180°.

To enable this option please go to the
Preferences - Advanced preferences screen and check Allow flip/rotate tiles check box.
Use flipped tiles
  Original - if checked - program will search for candidate tile within original (not flipped images).

H Flip - if checked - program will search for candidate tile within horizontally flipped images.

V Flip - if checked - program will search for candidate tile within vertically flipped images.

180 - if checked - program will search for candidate tile within rotated by 180° images.
If you check more then one "flip" program will search for the best candidate image within all checked flips.

If no flipped images are present at your current base - they would be added automatically before first rendering. It may takes some time depending of number of images in the library. Flipped images will remain in the base for further usage i.e. second render will start immediately. To remove flips from the library use the
Library inspector.

For a start see also:
Step-by-step: Create new library
Step-by-step: Create mosaic

Mazaika - (C) 2000-2018 by Boris A. Glazer.