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Santa: High-Quality Zoom and Pan True Photo Mosaic

Mosaic details:

Mazaika was used to create this mosaic.

3000+ Christmas, New Year and Santa tiles pictures were used for the library. These tiles were created with the help of Clip 2 Crop utility, i.e. there were used not only postcards as they are but also different cropped areas of these cards were used.

This is a true photo mosaic. There are no color corrections and there is no blending of the mosaic with the original image.

Zoom into the mosaic to see more tile details.

Mazaika settings that were used:

  • Blend percent: 0
    There is no blending with the original image. Tile colors are the same as they were on the original postcard scans.

  • Mosaic Size: 40 x 40 tiles
    It takes 15 seconds to calculate mosaic with P4 - 2.8 GHz. (512 RAM) WinXP system. It takes also a minute to save the mosaic as a 5,600 x 7,800 pixels TIFF file. It was 122 MB file and it can be printed as an 18" x 26" poster with 300 dpi resolution.

  • Single Tile Size: 140 x 187 pixels
    If printed at 300 dpi every single tile will be about 0.5 x 0.7 inch.