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© Sylver Kang
	Photo Mosaic Fence for City Hall of Seoul.

© Sylver Kang, Mosaic Fence for City Hall of Seoul

2.5x3.7m (8'x12') @ 200dpi printed photo mosaic
	at a photo trade show in Sweden!
	© Christer Lindh, Magnus Fröderberg,

© Christer Lindh, Magnus Fröderberg,

© Steve Grillo,
	The Body of Christ at All Saints'

© Steve Grillo

Photo Jumble 
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Photo Jumble

See High Quality 
	Zoom and Pan 
	Photo Mosaic example!

Coliseum-KinoMax: Zoom and Pan Photographic Mosaic

Scars of Dracula, online photo mosaic
	Search cells in mosaic.

Scars of Dracula Online photo mosaic. Interactive search cells by movie names.

Basic Video Tutorials for Mazaika

Simple, all in one, tutorial. It will give you a general idea of how Mazaika works.

Visit MazaikaCom channel on YouTube.







Video Tutorial for Click 2 Crop and Mazaika

This video shows how to prepare photos for photo mosaic tiles. Click 2 Crop photo editor is an ideal software for fast and accurate cropping, cutting and resizing photos.


Making a Photo Mosaic Library with Mazaika

This video shows how to create a library for image mosaic program Mazaika in details. The library, once created, can be reused for different photographic mosaic projects.



Rendering a Photo Mosaic with Mazaika. Advanced Tutorial!

This video shows how to build a photo mosaic from only a few of your own images. We explain how to make a good looking photo mosaic from a very limited number of tile images. This is a real-life case. The mosaic was assembled from only 138 old photos. They were prepared with Click 2 Crop, as was said in the example above.

Note: "Use All Pics" method, that was used in this video, works well only when you have a small library! If the number of images in the library is the same or more than the number of tiles in your mosaic please don't use this function. Use a normal rendering process.


Saving a Photo Mosaic in an image file format with Mazaika

This video shows how to save your rendered mosaic in an image file.



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