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Zoomable Image export — Test example

Mazaika can export huge photo mosaics. Usually, it is cumbersome to view these pictures with general purpose image viewers.

Zoomable Image export allows you a very convenient way to display these pictures both local and online.

It produces a set of files and folders with specially prepared data and generates simple HTML page compatible with any modern browser. On that page, you may view, zoom and pan the mosaic, and explore it's smallest details.

This zoomable image export option is available only on Full version of Mazaika for both Windows and Mac OS.

If you use Free Trial and don't register your Full version yet and you want to be sure that you will be able to install interactive pan and zoom mosaic on your site please try to install sample test zoomable image first.

The image below was automatically generated with Mazaika:

Direct link to the zip archive file: (9.9 Mb).

To install the above image on your site for testing please follow these steps:

1 - Please download

2 - please unzip it. You'll get these file and folder (with subfolders):

zoomable-example.html zoomable-example

(These files were exported directly from Mazaika and they were archived for easier internet transfer only.)

3 - Open zoomable-example.html file locally with your favorite browser to see how it looks and works.

4 - Copy both zoomable-example.html file and zoomable-example folder with it's content to your server to test it online.

Please don't rename the folder and its subfolders, there are links to folder's names in HTML code of the page. (If you want to rename it anyway, please edit HTML code to correct filenames)

If/when you generate a big size mosaic these subfolders contain a very large number of small jpg files. Usually, it will be much easier and faster to copy zip archive into your server and unzip it on the server. Please see instruction for your server's control panel or documentation for your FTP uploading program how to unzip the archive on the server.

If you need any assistance or if you want to add more functions please don't hesitate to contact us: We are always glad to help!