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New library dialogue.

Before you start:

Mazaika-Video works with video footage in .mzvclp and .mzframes formats. Please convert your movie clips into these formats with MZVClp Converter application. MZVClp Converter included in the Mazaika-Video software package. You may read more about .mzvclp and .mzframes here.

Folders with Movies table - You may use .mzvclp and .mzframes from any folder on your computer. To select a folder you had to add it to the table with Add Folder button and mark a line with checkbox.

Mazaika indexed only unique images and videos. I.e. if some of your clips are used in several folders simultaneously, these images will be indexed only once. Your clips will not be duplicated.

To count selected clips, press Refresh Video Clips Counter button.

Video Library Options:

Index with interval - This is the time between two indexed "Base frames". For example, if the value is set to 10 seconds, the program will index one frame for every 10 seconds.

Offset before first indexed frame - This is the time between the beginning of the movie clip and the first indexed frame.

Left after last frame - This is the time between the last indexed frame and the end of the movie clip.

Please see Video Offset Help topic for detailed descriptions of Video Library Options.

The other controls are the same as in Mazaika Image mosaic software.

Picture X/Y rate - Select proportions of library tiles here.

Crop - (default Center) If proportions of tiles you choose would be different from proportions of original image used as a tile only part of this image would be indexed. You may select what part of image: top, bottom, right, left or center would be taken.

Your original image would not be changed. There is no actual cropping of your original files. Cropped areas are only sampled and indexed into a Mazaika picture database. There are no modifications of your original images!

Stretch - Use this to stretch image to the needed proportions. Sometimes it is easier to spot cropped tiles than stretched ones. If Stretch is checked all tiles will be stretched to the Picture X/Y rate regardless of their original aspect ratio.

Margin % - (default 0) If there is white or black outer rim on your pictures, or if your pictures contain a large amount of space around the edges, you can crop it by increasing Margin % to more than 0.

Make Library - Press Make Library button to create a new library. You will be prompted to set a file name for library. When process would be completed new library would be open and ready to use for mosaic making.

Stop - Press this button to stop scanning process anytime. Library file will not be created.

Close - Press this button to Close this screen without library creation.

Export - please see Export Tiles into a New Library help topic.

Advanced settings (Active only in fully registered version)

Sampling - (default 6x6) - When picture tiles are selected, the program must choose only The Best Tile. It could analyze a region as a matrix of Sampling size. This setting depends on the image tile count. General rule: more tiles in library - more Sampling size. Usually it is enough to use 6x6 sampling size for an average size library about 1,000 - 5,000 tile.

Thumbs Width - (default 36) Thumbs i.e. miniature copies of image tiles are stored in the library. They are used for preview of mosaic in the main screen and for creation of output mosaic with not very high resolution. Higher values for Thumbs Width will give you a clearer preview, but may decrease creation speed and increase resource consumption.

Thumbnail size don't have any effect on exported mosaic quality. When you export mosaic into image file, Full version Mazaika opens and draws your original images to recreate mosaic. This way you always have optimal tile quality. We don't recommend to use thumbnail size larger than 100 pixels.