Open Image… - Open Original Image. Alternative you may drag and drop an image into the image frame on the main screen.

Open Text... - This will bring up an Open Text File Dialogue. You may open plain text (.txt) or rich text (.rtf) files here. Please remember that you may copy/paste (use Command-C / Command-V keyboard) text from any application directly into Text Fill editing box.

Open Recent Image - Select one of the last opened Original Images.

Open Project… - Open a saved TexToPix Project file (.ttproj)

Open Recent Project - Select one of the last saved TexToPix Projects.

Save Project - Save current TexToPix Project.

Save Project As... - Save current TexToPix Project with another file name.

Close Project - Close current project.

Export Rendered Picture As… - This will saves a TexToPix picture to a common used image file format. Please see Export TexToPix Image to File section for details.

Page Setup... - This is a standard Page Setup panel.

Print… - Select this option to print a TexToPix picture.