Select a font face here.

There are three modes:

Dark Large - Larger sized characters for darker areas.
Light Large - Larger sized characters for lighter areas.
Even Size - All characters are the same sized.

Use characters with in bold font to render areas of the image that are exceed Bold Threshold value. (see Advanced Controls)

If this is checked, words in lines are aligned to left and right borders.

Number of Characters in Line - select how many characters you like in the line. Please remember that as not every characters have equal width this value can be differ from actual characters number in the line(s).

Distance Between Lines - This is a spacing between lines.

Text, Outline and Background Colors

There are three types of background colors.

1 - Plain colors (black, white or custom) In this case the image will be composed from colored letters drawn over plain color background.

2 - Color rectangles - in this case every letter will have it's own background and it's color will depend from the image color in the correspondent spot.

There are few color modes named like Source or White, Black or Source and so on. These means that if the color in the spot is brighter than some "threshold value" it will be white background otherwise it will be the color of the spot. The "threshold" can be adjusted with Black Threshold slider at the bottom (Please see Advanced Controls tab)

3 - Source Image - This is a special color type. If you select it your main image will be used as the background for the text.

Reset All Controls - This will resets all controls, both main and advanced, to a default values.

Export Picture - Use this button to save a TexToPix image into a common image format file. Please see Export TexToPix Image to File section for details.