Preferences Panel.

Advanced Settings

Base Font Size - If you change this value you'll change the size of the output image. More Base Font Size - larger output image size. We thought that you don't need to use a large font sizes. When you save the resulting image as PDF file it's resolution don't depends from the used font size because it's a vector based format and it can be losslessly scaled to any size, so increasing the font sizes will result in more resource consumption only and not will give you any considerable improvements.

Glyph Outline Size - This is a thickens of character outlines.

Text Outline Size - This is a thickens of text outline.


On Program Start

Start Blank - It will opens empty program window.

Open Last Saved Project - This will opens a last saved TexToPix project. That is it will opens an main image used for the project, use the text that was used for the project and sets all controls to the values that were used for the project.

Open Last Used Image - This will opens last used image and last used control valises.

Use Last Used Text - Program remember a last used text fill.

Use Last Used Settings - Program starts with the same settings as they were when you quit it last time.