Main Image Additional Popup Menu

To activate additional Popup Menu please right click over specific layer with Ctrl key pressed. As alternative way to activate this menu please press Left mouse button, then press Right mouse button (while left button is still pressed).

Main Image Additional Popup Menu.

These are options of the additional Popup menu:

1. Duplicate Empty Layer - This will add a new empty layer with same size and position as the layer over which you activated Popup menu.

2. Duplicate Layer - This will add a new layer with same size, position and picture as the layer over which you activated Popup menu.

3. Clear Rotation - If layer was rotated - it will be rotated back to upright position.

4. Crop Layer to Picture Aspect - This will adjust layer aspect to fit a whole picture.

5. Crop Picture to Layer Aspect - This will crops picture. Cropped picture will fills whole layer. It will crop image from a center of the picture.

6. Adjusted Cropping - It will crop image in the layer aspect as in #5 option. But this option allows you to select cropping origin. Cropping from center, top, bottom, sides and so on. Please see the full list of the cropping option below:
                1. Crop to Center
                2. Crop to Left-Top
                3. Crop to Center-Top
                4. Crop to Right-Top
                5. Crop to Left-Center
                6. Crop to Right-Center
                7. Crop to Left-Bottom
                8. Crop to Center-Bottom
                9. Crop to Right-Bottom
                0. Fit Layer to Pic
                F. Scale Pic to Layer

7. Delete Layer - This will delete the layer.

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