Page Setup

To bring up this window please select from Menu Edit-Page Setup or use Page Setup button on the main screen.

Page Setup Settings Screen.

Output Page Size panel allows you to set Width and Height of your mosaic preview in inches or cm.

Preview (pixels) panel allows you to set  Width and Height of your mosaic preview in pixels. To change proportions of the mosaic please uncheck Keep Aspect Ratio check box while changing page width or height values.
You may select a default size for a new opened image in the Preferences screen.
This size is used for preview only. When you export finished mosaic in a file, program will create new empty canvas with the size that you select in Export Image Dialogue and draws mosaic with required resolution.

While both rectangular and non rectangular layers may be enhanced with shadow effect, there are different procedures used for drawing shadow for rectangular and non rectangular layers. Please specify what layer type you intend to use by checking Rectangular Layers with borders check box ON or OFF.

Please see a special help section about details how to work with Non Rectangular or Transparent Layers .

Only rectangular layers can be enhanced with border effect.

Please use text boxes on the Layer Borders for Rectangular Layers panel to change border sizes for layers.

To change colors of layer borders and background - please click on the image on the right part of the screen.

Background color - This is a background color of the new project.

Layer Shadows Options:

Please see the pictures below for explanation of shadow controls:

4 (Left); 10 (Right);
Shadow Width = 4Shadow Width = 10

50 (Left); 90 (Right);
Shadow Density  = 50Shadow Density  = 90

45(Left); 0(Mid); -45(Right);
Shadow Direction(X,Y) = 45 DegsShadow Direction(X,Y) = 0 DegsShadow Direction(X,Y) = -45 Degs

3(Left); 6(Mid); 15(Right);
Shadow Direction(Z) = 3Shadow Direction(Z) = 6Shadow Direction(Z) = 15

Set Default Values button will reset shadows and borders properties to default values.
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