Step-by-step: Create new library

Step-by-step: How to Create new library:

1 - Run the program.
2 - Menu File - New library...
3 - Choose a library name. When you press on button with <...> - you'll get a Save as dialogue where you had to type a name of the new library.
4 - Select a library root directory, folder (with subfolders) where you're keeping your tile images.
5 - Check on image types you want to use (default: *.jpg files).
6 - Set the thumbnail width and quality. (For a first time these and other controls as they are).
7 - Press Scan images button and wait while the program indexed all your images.
8 - Library is created, press Close button.

Now you're ready to make Mosaic (See Next Step).

Note 1:
As you hit the Scan images button the program will begin to build a picture database. As it builds the database, the previous picture added will show up (sort of like a preview). When it stops cycling pictures, the database is created.

Note 2:
This process can be slow if your pictures are large. The Program opens every file and runs calculations on values regarding color lightness and the shape of the picture.

Note 3:
You had to run this process only once. After the Library is built, you can use it as many times as you need.

Note 4:
When you make RGBA color mode library, (images with transparency mask) you need to set bigger sampling value. We recommend sampling value about 10 or 14 for  RGBA color mode library.
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