Select from Menu View - Show Mosaic Statistic
or use this Quick Button:
Show Statistic Screen.

Statistic Screen.

Here you may see a statistic data for current mosaic project.

Click on column header to order the data.

Use text filter to search for filename or to limit the file list to only particular group of files.

When you select a line in the table you see picture preview and row and column numbers where the picture is located in the mosaic. If there are more than one locations there will be a list of locations shown. In this case the program highlight two most interesting postions: Central — the position most close to the geometrical center of the mosaic and Outermost postion, farthest from the center.

Also you may export comma delimited text file that can be useful for assembling mosaic from separate images or real objects as well as for making search functions for interactive mosaics and for producing scenarios for video animated mosaic made with Mazaika-Animation.

When you exporting full information you got text file with three columns

First column is image usage count.
Second column is file name.
Third column is a list of image positions.

For example the line:

"3" , "/Users/bg/Mazaika-Sets/Fauna/Birds/00017529.jpg" , "2x18 7x27 16x33 "

means: image "00017529.jpg" used 3 times at positions row:2 col:18, row:7 col:27, row:16 col:33

Below is an example of the file.

"1" , "/Users/bg/Mazaika-Sets/Fauna/Birds/00017502.jpg" , "21x33 "
"3" , "/Users/bg/Mazaika-Sets/Fauna/Birds/00017503.jpg" , "12x14 14x2 19x16 "
"3" , "/Users/bg/Mazaika-Sets/Fauna/Birds/00017529.jpg" , "2x18 7x27 16x33 "
"1" , "/Users/bg/Mazaika-Sets/Fauna/Birds/00017550.jpg" , "9x26 "
"3" , "/Users/bg/Mazaika-Sets/Fauna/Birds/00017602.jpg" , "1x18 6x29 14x31 "
"3" , "/Users/bg/Mazaika-Sets/Fauna/Birds/00017636.jpg" , "3x18 12x22 14x29 "
"1" , "/Users/bg/Mazaika-Sets/Fauna/Birds/00017653.jpg" , "12x28 "

Animated mosaics you usually want to know only one position for each picture. There is a special option for that. You may export only two columns central (or outermost) position of the image and the file name.

First column is Row x Col postion of the image.
Second column is file name.

Below is an example of such file.

"9x33" , "/Users/bg/Mazaika-Sets/Fauna/Birds/00016931.jpg"
"11x7" , "/Users/bg/Mazaika-Sets/Fauna/Birds/00016932.jpg"
"15x35" , "/Users/bg/Mazaika-Sets/Fauna/Birds/00016936.jpg"
"16x36" , "/Users/bg/Mazaika-Sets/Fauna/Birds/00016940.jpg"
"14x28" , "/Users/bg/Mazaika-Sets/Fauna/Birds/00016941.jpg"
"30x17" , "/Users/bg/Mazaika-Sets/Fauna/Birds/00016943.jpg"
"27x40" , "/Users/bg/Mazaika-Sets/Fauna/Birds/00016947.jpg"
"17x29" , "/Users/bg/Mazaika-Sets/Fauna/Birds/00016952.jpg"
"12x17" , "/Users/bg/Mazaika-Sets/Fauna/Birds/00016954.jpg"

Copy image positions from first column into Zoom Steps Setup of Mazaika-Animation software to show these pictures in zoom-in/zoom-out animation sequence.