Zoom Steps Setup

Here you may arrange zoom in - zoom out slideshow. Select parameters of transitions between enlarged cells and enter a list of the cells that you want to use for slide show.

Show whole mosaic at start - How long you want to display whole mosaic at the start.

Initial zoom in (from whole mosaic to first cell) - Duration of zoom-in from the whole mosaic to the first featured mosaic cell

Show enlarged cell - How long you want to display enlarged cell

Zoom out from enlarged cell - Duration of partial zoom-out for transition between cells. (It's a time when "camera" fly upward)

Zoom in to next cell - Duration of zoom-in to the cell from previous partial zoom-out. (It's a time when "camera" goes down to mosaic)

Final zoom out (from last cell to whole mosaic) - Duration of zoom-out from the last featured cell to the whole mosaic at the end.

Show whole mosaic at finish - How long you want to display whole mosaic at the end.

Add 10 random cells - Click on this button to generate a list of ten random cells.

List of cells - This is the list of cells.

Use optimal path - This will optimise the order of cells to minimise the length of overall camera path for between cells.

Cancel - Cancel Zoom Steps Setup

Apply - Generate new series of zoom steps.