General preferences

General preferences

Start up

Blank - Start program with blank page.

Open last base - Start program with blank page and open last used base.

Open last project - Start program with last opened project.

Show wizard - Show
wizard on the program start up.

Default render mode:

When you press Render mosaic speed button render will start with Default
render modes.

Mosaic from top - Render from top left cell down to right bottom cell.

Random mosaic - Render of the mosaic in random order.

Smart mosaic - Render of the mosaic beginning from the most essential parts of main theme image.

Remember last Blend% setting - Check it on to remember last Blend% setting used to
save mosaic.

Reset render settings to default - Use this option to Reset render settings to default.

Clean recent used files menu - Use this option to Clean recently used files menu.

Save - Save changes.

Cancel - Exit this screen without saving.

Mazaika - (C) 2000-2018 by Boris A. Glazer.