How to make a large image library

There is a small image editor Click 2 Crop. This utility program was developed to support the image mosaic program, Mazaika.

Click 2 Crop

You can find Click 2 Crop here:

Click 2 Crop is especially useful when you wish to make a mosaic from a limited number of pictures.

Let's say you have photos from your last vacation, but you only have 200 or so pictures (you just forgot to put your new 4Gb memory card in your wallet before flight departure...), using Click 2 Crop you can quickly and easily increase the number of tiles by several factors, turning 200 images into a thousand.

An example:
We have a photo of four men in training room.  This shot was taken with a 4 megapixel digital camera; it's large and, to be honest, it's not very interesting.

Group photo.

Using Click 2 Crop we can split this image into many by selecting key areas of interest within it (crops). We can then use each one a tile in our mosaic. Because of our main image is landscape, but our tiles will be portrait, we can crop at least two different large areas. Then, since the resolution of the image is much higher than needed for our tiles, we can also crop smaller areas, such as two people out of the group of three standing on the left.  Also why not let's enlarge people's faces and take a few crops of notable equipment such as the music center in the corner and the clearly visible black belt.

Cropped photo.
Cropped photo.
Cropped photo.
Cropped photo.
Cropped photo (Lexa).
Cropped photo (Vova).
Cropped photo (Oleg).
Cropped photo.
Cropped photo.
Cropped photo.
Cropped photo.
Cropped photo (Sergey).

Now, using Click 2 Crop, we have a twelve tiles instead of one, all more interesting than the original!

If you were to try this procedure with a general purpose image editor, such as PhotoShop, it would be a time-consuming and tedious process, because for every crop you need to:
1 - open the image;
2 - select the crop area;
3 – crop the image;
4 - save your crop with a new file name.
(Repeat each step for every crop you want).

With Click 2 Crop this process is lightning fast:
1 - select the crop area;
2 - double click on the image to confirm.
Repeat to your heart's content. The rest (naming and saving) is done automatically.

It's worth noting that using cropped images as your tiles in a mosaic will give more interesting and clear results. Remember tiles are small.  Imagine a single tile with lots of tiny, indistinct figures, versus twelve tiles all showing close-ups of faces, or interesting aspects of the same image!

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