Wizard - Save mosaic project as image file

Step 1

Wizard: Export to file - page 1

Select the width of a single tile. The height of the tile would be calculated automatically.

Step 2

Wizard: Export to file - page 2

Select additional options for saving:

The use of thumbs stored in the base option will give you faster mosaic saving,  but because of the small size of these thumbs it is recommended only for small mosaics.

Write image file direct to disk option will allow you to save very large mosaics 15000x15000 pixels or more with not many computer resources used. It is always recommended to check this.

Color enhance options (Color correction and Blend tile colors) will allow you to change tile colors and brightness for a better match with the corresponding area of the original image. Sometimes this is the only way to get good looking mosaic, especially when the mosaic was made using a limited count of tiles in the library. Please see Color enhance options for more details.

Press Save button to export your mosaic into image file.
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