When Mazaika-Video indexes video clip it analyses video frames from predefined position at some given interval to build the library. When the program constructs mosaic it assemble these frames together to form a main image.

Step-by-step: How to Create new library:


Step-by-step: Start mazaika-video.
1 - Run Mazaika-Video.app.


Tile preview and edit
2 - Menu - File - New library...


Tile preview and edit
3 - Add the folder(s) with .mzvclp files or separate .mzvclp to a list and mark them with checkboxes.


Tile preview and edit
4 - Set the tile height/width ratio. (For a first time leave all other controls as they are, or you may read about advanced parameters here.).


Tile preview and edit
5 - Press Make Library button, and wait while the program indexed all your clips.


6 - Library is created, press Close button.


Now you're ready to make Mosaic (See Next Step).

You run this process only once. After the Library is built, you can use it as many times as you need.

Please see detailed descriptions of all contriols forNew Library here.