Add Fractal Layers

To bring up this window please select from Menu Image-Add Fractal Layers.

This dialogue will help you to create mosaic image made from different sized tiles. You will be able to assign larger tiles to most simple or not meaningful areas of the image and place smaller tiles into the important areas. This way you will be able to make even small significant details visible.

Add Fractal Layers dialogue

Above: Example image divided into 2300 layers of 3 different size shown in Add Fractal Layers dialogue preview.

Below: The same image as a rendered project opened in the main screen of Photo Jumble.

A rendered project opened in the main screen of Photo Jumble.

Add Fractal Layers screen controls:

Tile Aspect Ratio - Please select the tile aspect ratio that you want to use for layers. If you already have opened image tile library program will set the same tile aspect ratio here as it is in the open library.

Number of Columns - This is a number of columns counted as columns of biggest size layers.

Number of Cell Subdivisions - More complex area of the main image will be covered with smaller tiles. By default we use there different size layers: big, medium and small but you may change this value to use more different sizes.

Fractal Levels Adjustments - These two slide bars may help you to enforce and enhance image edges. Program will place smaller images over edges.

Manual Drawing Tools - If you'll be not happy with automatic edge detection you may simple draw your own edges to show the program where to use smaller layers.

Pen - Use Pen to draw lines over significant parts of the image.

Eraser - Use Eraser to remove unwanted edges.

Tool Size - Use this to increase/decrease drawing tools brushes.

Preview Original Image - With this slider you may change transparency level of main image. This is for better viewing only.

Shuffle Tiles - If this option is on layers will be shuffled. You my shuffle layers manually selecting from menu "Edit"->"Shuffle Tiles"

Apply! - When layout for layers is ready - please press this button to actually add layers over the main image at the main screen.

Cancel - Exits this screen without adding layers.

Help - To activate this help page.

Note: After every change of image edges program will redraws layers preview and shows layers count on Status Bar. If number of layers don't exceed maximum possible number Apply button is active. 3,200 layers is maximum for Photo Jumble because of Microsoft Windows Operation System limitation, If you need mosaic with more tile number please use our Image Mosaic program Mazaika. If number of layers is more than maximum possible - Apply button is inactive. Please decrease number of layers in this case.

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