Menu Layers

Add One Layer - This will add one square layer in the visible center of the page. As an alternative way to adding layers you may use simple click and drag with your right mouse button over the page area. To add a new layer over existing layer please press Alt key while right clicking over the layers.

Add Layers... - This will bring up Tiles Setup screen dialogue.

Add Fractal Layers - This will bring up Add Fractal Layers dialogue that will help you to create mosaic image made from different sized tiles.

Remove Layers on Condition - This will bring up Remove Layers on Condition dialogue.

Remove Selected Layers - Use this option (or Del key) to delete selected layers.

Remove All Layers - This will delete all layers (no matter if they are selected or not).

Remove Empty Layers - This will delete all layers that were not filled with pictures.

Edit Layer - Use this option to activate Edit Layer screen to load picture into layer and/or edit picture cropping position in layer.

Bring To Front - This will bring selected layers above the rest.

Send to Back - This will sends selected layers under the rest.

Swap Two Selected Cells - This option is active only when two layers are selected. It will exchange images in these layers.

Join Selected Layers - This will add a new layer that covers all selected layers (and any selected or unselected layers located between them) and removes all layers located behind this new layer.

Shuffle Layers - This will randomly reorder all layers.

Sort Layers - This will brings layers with better scored pictures to the front.

Sort Special - This will brings up Sort Layers dialogue.
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