Library tiles

Select from  Menu - Mosaic - Manual tiles mode

Select Library tiles tab.

Manual mode - Library tiles tab

When you click a cell in the main window, you'll see this cell enlarged on the top of the Manual tiles window.

To view a changed tile, click on the candidate thumbnail you like.
To replace the tile you may:
Press the Replace button or Double click on the candidate thumbnail or Double click on the cell you want to replace in the main screen or press Enter key while cell you want to replace is selected in the main screen.

Show best - Set a count of  a candidate thumbnail to show in the grid.
Find - If you change count of candidate thumbnail press this button to show the needed number of candidates.
Replace - Press this button to replace a cell in the mosaic.
Close - Press this button to close the Manual tiles screen.

To preview tile rightclick on the image and choose Show file option. Current images will be shown in the new
popup preview window.

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